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What our community are saying…


We’ve used VidiVet multiple times, for general advice and in times of emergency. Over the past couple of months Odin has hurt his leg on a walk, ate chocolate brownie and had a weepy eye.

Being able to quickly speak with a friendly vet, any time of day, is really reassuring, and has saved us trips to the vet & costly consultation fees.

Lisa Badrock
VidiVet Premium member

Graham & Tim

Graham and Tim hate going to the vets, so having this service means they don’t get stressed, we save money and every question we have had has been answered really quickly and fully.

Gavin Johnson 
VidiVet member


Thank you so much for the help and advice you have given me for Mylo. It has been invaluable and gave me great peace of mind too! I saved myself and Mylo unnecessary trip to the vets. Thank you!

Katie Bantock
VidiVet Premium

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ben the vet

The VidiVet story & a bit about Ben


VidiVet founder Ben has been working in veterinary practices since he was 14 years old. There isn’t much he hasn’t seen in his career. However, his one passion has always remained the same – helping pets and their people. With demand for veterinary services at an all-time high, it is harder for people to get advice and support fast nowadays as veterinary teams are so busy. It is no great surprise that people turn to Dr Google and to advice from people on social media for a quick bit of insight. But here is the problem: Dr Google isn’t specific to you or your pet and the wrong advice can put them at risk, and whilst all those people offering advice on social media are very well-meaning, you often have 70 different answers to pick from and none of them are specific to your pet either. That was one of the big reasons we set up VidiVet: to enable pet parents to get access to advice and support that is specific to you, your pet and your circumstances in an instant.

Ben wants to make it easier for owners like you to get access to veterinary expertise no matter what the time of day, or circumstance. No matter how many pets you have, problems they have, questions or worries you have about them – VidiVet was built with you, your convenience, affordability and peace of mind at it’s very core!

Ben’s mantra is simple – he would trust all of the vets and nurses who work at VidiVet to treat his own pets, so he trusts them to help yours!

For everything from questions about grooming, to emergencies in the middle of the night – we are here for you!

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