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Giving veterinary teams the time to

VidiVet - It's about time
VidiVet - giving you back time

How VidiVet helps your practice…

Putting you first, your team first, your clients first, their pets first…
by putting a vet first in your client’s journey.

pet question
pet question
Customers come to your practice better informed with peace of mind.
Helping your clinical staff focus on the pets with the most important care needs.
Every interaction we have with your customer is sent on to your practice so you have full visibility of the care we have provided.
What’s more, our vets work 24/7 so your customers can always feel supported.
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Watch how it works

Watch How It Works


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Key Benefits

With VidiVet, your clients receive a prompt personalised response from a qualified vet 24/7.

  • Enhance your client journey
  • Take the pressure off the front of house and clinical teams
  • Reduce pressure on your teams
  • Increase practice turnover
  • 96% of out of hours enquires can be redirected to your practice
  • Take the pressure off the front of house and clinical teams
Your team, from the reception desk to clinical staff are now free to focus on cases that need proactive care and treatment.

Putting a vet at the start of the client journey

With VidiVet Without VidiVet
Without Vidivet
With Vidivet

By having VidiVet as your clients’ first point of contact, we help them understand:

  • If it’s an emergency and if they need to go to the practice immediately
  • If it can wait and if so, can they go in later in the day or week
  • If they need to go to the clinic, what samples should they prepare and what are the possible treatment options – avoiding nasty surprises.
Don’t just take our word for it…
Average consult time reduced by 4 minutes
Save vet practices 90 minutes per day

“VidiVet has helped us out so much”

“We are really excited to be partnering with VidiVet at our new small animal practice. VidiVet will help us to improve our patient care especially when the clinic is closed, and the early signs show, it is very popular with our customers and colleagues alike.”

Ian Stroud – Smart Vet


How do I sign up?
Arrange a demo today and we will be in touch to help you get started.
How much does this cost?
Starting from £300 per month for unlimited 24/7 access for your clients.
How does it work?
See our amazing video! OR arrange a demo today and we will be in touch to help you get started.
Does VidiVet need access to clinical records
We operate with total transparency and align with your practice’s client care protocols. We send all correspondence to you so that you can review the support and suggestions we’ve offered to your clients.
How do you share our customers’ interactions for clinical continuity?
Clients access VidiVet through an app on their smartphone
Where are your vets based?
We operate 24/7 so we have vets from Canberra to Cambridge. Crucially, all our vets are RCVS qualified to ensure we are operating at the highest level.

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